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“Realizing as a parent, I do not have to have all the answers, but I need to be open to new resources and ideas. I must be willing to adjust my perspective, position, and posture to effectively engage which enables me to become an ‘Empowered Parent.” — JeJuan Stewart

How many times have you looked back on a past decision, and know you would have done something differently if you had known what you know now? We’ve all been there. Part of the challenge is due to how difficult it can be to navigate the plethora of choices we have as parents. Schools, enrichment activities, sports, social gatherings…we live in busy times with many choices, and sometimes the path of least resistance is what makes the cut. Our work together will be a partnership, where we collectively determine what you and your children need and develop a plan to get you there. 

In working with me, I will encourage you and equip you to identify your child’s “spark”. Identifying this will help you to better engage with your child, empowering you both to collectively work together towards a common goal. Empowered parents have a growth mindset and I can provide you with the tools you need to get there. 

As Your Parent Coach, you will not be alone.  You can shift from parenting in a ‘silo’ to building your own ‘tribe’.  Through my coaching and resources, I will help you open the door to the possibilities for yourself and your family.  

I can help you untangle your family from common challenges that are negatively affecting everything from success at school to peace at home. My personal and professional development coaching for parents will help you champion your children and we will together cultivate a culture of hope no matter the challenge you are facing.

One universal aspect of parenthood is our desire to give our children the best. While things may look a little bit different in various parts of the world, one consistent element is that we all inherently want what is best for our children. We just don’t always know how to achieve it.


“If I expect my children to learn how to grow and thrive in a dynamic, uncertain culture, it is imperative for me to lead by example. Then for me, as an adult/parent, I must be willing to learn and teach.” –JeJuan Stewart

In many ways, parenthood is similar to leadership. You are your child’s first leader. It requires a certain amount of knowledge, dedication, and certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. Whether you’re realizing the challenges of working while balancing parenthood, or worried about your child’s apathy towards school, or concerned about college opportunities, I can help.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting, so I encourage you to reach out to me so that we can discuss what’s going on in your family and how I might be able to support your journey.

I offer a free 30-minute consultation for us to get to know one another. If you’d like to move forward in working together, I develop a custom parent engagement program for you based on what you need for your child.

As your personal parent engagement strategist, my support can include:
Cultivating Effective Parent-Student Relationships
Guidance on educational success,
College and career readiness.
I work to inspire parents, influence students, and impact communities. Learn more about some of my recent success stories here.

Panels, Workshops and Conference

I am an experienced speaker on a variety of topics including parent engagement strategies, college preparation, and career readiness. I’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your specific needs! Take a look at a few of my recent talks here: