What is the difference?

Understanding the difference can help you determine the type of sustainable impact you choose to make in your community through your youth programs.


This type of service engagement helps to provide support for general community needs. It can be performed at any time for a variety of reasons. Usually the area of focus is meet with simple means and executed without much research required.  Community service can be performed at any time for any reason. Learning is not the aim. But supporting the communities need is.


This type of service engagement, is different because it 1) takes a community issue of problem, 2) educates the participants about the background of the issue, 3) allows the participants to create a method of bringing awareness to the issue, determining a solution issue or advocate for policy changes in an issue. Each of these tools helps to empower participants to become the change they want to see in their community. Students are guided with facilitators and eventually are able to take the leadership roles in civic engagement, or project management.  Because service activities are integrated in the academic classes specific goals are targeted and achieved.

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