“As parents in the 21st century, we are expected to know so much and not allowed the time to really take a moment to learn and grow.”

I live, eat, and breathe parenting. As a mother of four amazing children and a grandmother of six smart, talented and energetic children.  They are all my ‘WHY’.   I was that parent. The one who researched opportunities for my children. Negotiated discounts for them to attend camps, bartered my time to allow all 4 to attend summer programs. Guess what?! I still do!  I know the challenges and the rewards of being an engaged parent. But I also learned the importance of sharing information with others. Of opening doors not only for my children but for others as well…I became an ‘Empowered Parent’.

I found out the difference in being involved vs engaged vs empowered as a parent. Understanding this helped me to embrace my role as a parent and inspire other parents along the way.

It is one of the primary reasons which motivated me to start my business – JeJuan.Co

All I can say is, “You are at the right place. At the right time!”

Wannie’s Corner is my effort to provide information and share ideas to support your journey as a parent!

Wannie’s Corner is here to provide parents with a space to learn, grow and share.

You are the parent your child needs. You are their biggest encourager. You are their first teacher.  You have the capacity to adapt and impart. Adapt to new ideas and ways to connect with your child. Impart insight and wisdom to others including your child.

Don’t just join the conversation. Connect-the-dots for your students’ success!  Embrace the movement!

Join our Parent University Class is being offered this Fall. You don’t want to miss it! Registration will be open August 1st. Class starts in September. Space is limited.

Learn more about becoming an ‘Empowered Parent’ today.