JeJuan D. Stewart

Parent Engagement Strategist | Community Connector | Speaker

Helping families thrive and youth receive access to opportunities.

Have you ever wanted to know about opportunities
for you child before it was too late to apply?

I did. I was that parent. The one who researched opportunities for my children. Negotiated discounts for them to attend camps, bartered my time to allow all 4 to attend summer programs. I knew how to be an engaged parent. However, when I learned the importance of sharing information with others; of opening doors not only for my children but for my community as well…I became an ‘Empowered Parent’.

My Experience

I am actively engaged in my community serving on several boards and local affiliations. I am committed to supporting parents in their individual journey of excellence for their families. I have learned to leverage my passion for community engagement with my commitment to see families thrive and youth receive access to opportunities.

As a parent, I would drive my children all across the city to find unique opportunities of exposure to help them develop as leaders through their personal experiences.  I was often going outside of my community to achieve this.  It was this issue, which caused me to look at bringing a system of support to the parents in my community.


I received my bachelor’s degree in chemistry and sociology, then received my masters in anesthesiology (MMSc.) I have been working as a STEAM educational consultant for the past 15 years.

Connect With Me

Mailing Address: 4002 Hwy 78, Suite 530-268, Snellville, GA 30039, US
Call(678) 688-6155