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JeJuan.co an educational consultant specializing in STEAMM opportunities.

Could you use help finding opportunities for your student's success?     

Does your student have a college/career portfolio?

Connections & Reflections


JJSJF/NSBE Jr. Club is positioned to provide access to opportunities for 2nd-12th youth in the STEM fields. 


Bring your best ideas and dreams to the stage. The EAGLE 7 TED Ed Club is looking for you to add your voice, too! 

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EAGLE 7 Gavelmasters

Students exposed to Gavel Masters - Youth Toastmasters. 

EAGLE 7 POSSE Nominees

For 7 years, EAGLE 7 nominates highly qualified students to this opportunity.

EAGLE 7/ First Tee DRIVE

A character building opportunity to expose more students to the sport of golf. 

National Youth Leadership Conference

Global Youth Service-Leadership experience. Students can share their success initiatives with their peers. 


Intro Consultation

I offer a complimentary service-30 min to go over the registration process with clients.  Prior to the consultation, clients will receive a pre-assessment. After this initial consultation, I follow up with the client to recommend an appropriate service for their needs.

Hourly Consultations

I am available on an hourly fee basis to give families additional advice about specific needs or interests they may have. 

TED Ed Club Promoter 2014-present

Panels, Workshops, Conference

As an educational consultant, I am available to offer services to parents, schools, organizations, and corporations. These services include parent engagement strategies, college and career readiness for students. Each can be specifically designed to meet the needs of the clients requests. Prices vary. Building capacity and supporting overall missions are the priority. My motto is - Impact Parents. Inspire Students. Success starts with parents. Parent Engagement Strategist in Snellville

About Me

My Background

I received my bachelor's degree in chemistry and sociology, then received my masters in anesthesiology (MMSc.) 

I have been working as a STEAM educational consultant for the past 15 years. 

My Experience

I am actively engaged in my community serving on several boards and local affiliations. I am committed to supporting parents in their individual journey of excellence for their families. I have learned to leverage my passion for community engagement with my commitment to see families thrive and youth recieve access to opportunities.

My Experience

As a parent, I would drive my children all across the city to find unique opportunities of exposure to help them develop as leaders through their personal experiences.  I was often going outside of my community to achieve this.  It was this issue, which caused me to look at bringing a system of support to the parents in my community. 

Wannie's Corner - My Blog

Have you ever wanted to know about opportunities for you child before it was too late to apply?   

I did. I was that parent. The one who researched opportunities for my children. Negotiated discounts for them to attend camps, bartered my time to allow all 4 to attend summer programs. I knew how to be an engaged parent. However, when I learned the importance of sharing information with others; of opening doors not only for my children but for my community as well...I became an 'Empowered Parent'.


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Empowered2.Parent - Reigniting Parents to encourage, equip, engage & empower each other. 


Prayer is my key to open the doors of possibility. Empowering women through prayer is a passion and calling. 


The Power of One through Service-Leadership is my legacy building tool.  www.jjsjfoundation.com and www.eagle7llc.com 

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